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Test Results


A number of studies have been completed to prove the effectiveness of BlanX.


Non Abrasive

BlanX has been tested and proven to be suitable to use over a long period of time. The formulation of high quality silica and low RDA, ensures that BlanX is non abrasive and can protect the tooth enamel.

Gum Protection

In vitro tests were completed over 7 days on human gums to test the irritation level found in BlanX versus a placebo product.

The results found that the test subjects who used BlanX saw a 79% reduction in Gingival Inflammation Index versus the 26% reduction seen from the placebo group.


Ease Of Use

Test subjects confirmed that BlanX was easy to use and that it created long lasting fresh breath.
Volunteers also expressed that they felt that the tooth surface was left smooth with a shiny exterior and invigorated healthy gums. 
The reduction of bacterial plaque between brushing helps to prevent bad breath, plaque forming or inhibition of bacterial adhesions. 


Anti-Bacterial Action

In vitro tests were carried out over two days with BlanX and a placebo to compared the level of bacteria removed.
The results showed that BlanX demonstrated a bigger reduction of total bacteria in the mouth after the oral hygiene treatment. 


The Effect Of Light

The BlanX White Shock range are the only toothpastes to contain ActiluX® which reacts to light to whiten and protect teeth from further staining. 
ActiluX® remains active on the teeth all day, so the more you smile the whiter your teeth get. 

The effectiveness of ActiluX® was tested under a dentist lamp, BlanX LED accelerator and natural sunlight to assess the whitening performance. 

The results found the following;
The BlanX LED accelerator was the most effective, with immediate results showing improvements of up to 3-4 shades whiter after one treatment.
Natural sunlight gave a positive results with gradual but visble improvements on the whiteness of the subjects teeth.
The dentish lamp also showed positive results, but not to the extend of the BlanX LED accelerator due to the light wavelength.