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Blanx White Shock Power White

BlanX Power White Treatment

Two Week Treatment For An Instant Whitening Boost


BlanX Power White Treatment contains a 50ml treatment toothpaste and a BlanX LED bite now instantly whitens teeth.

This treatment contains a more concentrated ActiluX® formula which uses light to whiten teeth.

Use this treatment in place of your regular toothpaste for a two week period using the BlanX LED bite for one minute after every brush for your teeth to become up to four shades whiter.

For an even more intensive whitening action you can use the BlanX LED bite for 10 minutes once a week.

The BlanX LED bite intensifies the whitening and antibacterial action of the ActiluX® formula for immediate whitening results.

BlanX Power White treatment is non-abrasive, peroxide and paraben free that whitens teeth immediately without harming tooth enamel and removes bacteria that causes plaque and tooth decay.